About BWHxG


Cross-Generational Dialogues in Black Women’s History:

The primary goal of BWHxG is to honor a generation of scholars. Modeled as a living legends tribute to eleven historians, these women have mentored and trained generations of students. Our mission is to recognize their contributions to the historical profession. The objective is to create a model for historians who wish to honor their mentors and to encourage junior scholars to follow in their footsteps.

Date and Location:
March 19-22, 2015
East Lansing, MI
Marriott Hotel

Comparative Black History Program at Michigan State University

Dr. Pero G. Dagbovie (Michigan State University)
Dr. Daina Ramey Berry (University of Texas- Austin)

Program Coordinator:
Ms. Reina Davis (DRB Historical Consulting)

Web Development:
Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson (Michigan State University)

Artist/Art Coordinator:
Mr. Michael Stevenson